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How to Apply for PUBG Tournament by [pakclan official guide]

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Note: This post will be updated everytime we change the application rules.
LAST UPDATED: 19 January 2019 Europe Time
- Pakclan Team
Follow these rules for application of the future tournaments:
  1. register here: https://pakclan.com
  2. post about yourself here: PLAYERS INTRODUCTION
  3. - write about your pubg details like these instructions:
  4. Your squad name (only SQUAD tournament type)
    Players name (according to the tournament type(SQUAD|SOLO|DUAL) you have to write all the players NICKNAME of your squad, dual or just you.)
    Your contact details
    (whatsapp/e-mail/social/other) we recommend phone number so we can contact you directly by whatsapp.
  5. So in the future this will be updated everytime it's necessary. STAY IN THE GAME, STAY WITH PAKCLAN !
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