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    25 Squad Tournament ! REGISTRATION CLOSED!!!! Match Coming soon!

    Stay updated for date and time for the match
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    Trailer ( 2018 - Tournaments)

    FIRST Trailer PakClan
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    welcome bro :D
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    Sponsor your game here! [ Guide ]

    Welcome to the “ Sponsor your game “ You can share your pubg GameplayChanel here,if you want share live your gameplay our upcoming tournaments live this is the right section. ;) Post only your self contents. Not other chanel please. OFFICIAL PAK CLAN Chanels 1)PAK CLAN OFFICIAL YOUTUBE...
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    PUBG Mobile Guide: Everything You Need to Know [ 2019]

    PUBG Mobile (as the game is officially known) is unlike the PC and console versions right off the bat in that it's free and that it includes a new way to earn cosmetic rewards. You still earn BP from playing matches, and you still use those points to open randomized loot crates, but now you also...
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    Hello ! [ Jack Faris ]

    Hello bro,welcome ;)
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    happy new year 2019

    Same to you!!
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    Hello ! [ Jack Faris ]

    nooooooooooooooooob! fatemi admin xD
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    Hello ! [ Jack Faris ]

    Hello hi !