Google Search Embarks on a Design Evolution: A Fresh Look for Android Users

  • Julien Dubois
  • Apr 04, 2024
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Google Search Embarks on a Design Evolution: A Fresh Look for Android Users

In the realm of technological advancements, Google has always been at the forefront, continually updating and refining its suite of applications to ensure they remain intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing. However, one of its core offerings, the Google Search app, has largely stayed the same over the past years, even with the introduction of the Material You redesign in Android 12. Now, it seems Google is finally taking steps to modernize its search experience, starting with an update to search filters that bring a fresh look to Android devices.

The update, currently in testing on select phones running Google app version, breathes new life into the search chip filters by replacing the traditional underline with a more contemporary light blue squircle background. This change not only makes the selected filter stand out but also aligns the design with the latest Material Design 3 aesthetics. Interestingly, this new design tweak is also visible on Google Search in Chrome, suggesting the update is a server-side change affecting the Google website across platforms rather than being confined to the Google app alone.

Despite the update not being widely available yet, its gradual rollout hints at Google's careful approach to redesigning its core app. Given the company's history, there's always the possibility that this experiment might not see a broader implementation. However, the introduction of these modern filters is a clear indication that Google is committed to evolving its design language to keep up with contemporary trends.

Additionally, Google is reportedly working on a redesign of the "Your space" section, which could further enhance the user experience by providing a more visually cohesive and user-friendly interface for accessing weather forecasts, air quality information, stock prices, and sports scores. This separate endeavor underscores Google's ongoing efforts to refresh its design approach, making information more accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

While the Google Search app may currently appear outdated compared to other applications that have embraced Material You and Material Design 3, these incremental changes signify Google's dedication to refining its flagship app. The slow pace of the update rollout could very well be a strategic move, reflecting the company's intent to carefully consider each modification to ensure it enhances the overall user experience without compromising functionality. As Google persistently innovates and methodically rolls out these enhancements, Android enthusiasts can anticipate an upgraded and more captivating search journey that not only fulfills but surpasses their anticipations.

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